Convenience & Recycling Center

Please bring a copy of your most recent City of Purcell utility bill, proof of garbage service, and a valid photo identification. 

The Recycle Center is outside the Convenience Center gate and accepts aluminum, cardboard, and plastics only.

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Accepted ItemsUnaccepted Items
  • Furniture and miscellaneous household items. Appliances such as refrigeration and air conditioning must have compressors removed
  • Items that will not fit into poly-carts or dumpsters, which are not otherwise prohibited
  • Bricks, rocks, dirt, concrete, and metal only in designated locations
  • Any item too large to fit within designated container and/or restricted by ODEQ or Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • Hazardous items, including toxic chemicals or materials, asbestos, acids, and batteries
  • Paint, lacquer, thinners, solvents, motor oil, anti-freeze, etc.
  • Rubber products including tires and tubes
  • Household trash and garbage
  • Construction debris, shingles, sheetrock, etc.

Policies & Fees (Purcell Residents)


  • Any vehicle not exceeding one ton truck rating: $5 
  • Any vehicle exceeding one ton truck but not exceeding two ton truck rating: $50
  • No vehicle which exceeds two ton truck rating will be permitted to dump 


  • Single axle less than 10 feet: $5
  • Single axle 11 to 15 feet: $10
  • Double axle 12 feet or less: $5 per axle 
  • Double axle 13 to 15 feet: $7.50 per axle 
  • Double axle 16 feet: $10 per axle 
  • Double axle 18 feet: $15 per axle 
  • Double axle 20 feet: $20 per axle 
  • Double axle exceeding 20 feet: $50 per axle 
  • All dump trailers: $25 per axle