Rotary Playground Replacement Project

Backstoryrotary play structure surrounded by barricade fencing

Rotary Playground was constructed at Purcell City Lake by the Purcell Rotary Club around 1987.  For years, kids in our community have been enjoying this play structure.  The City of Purcell inherited the play structure and close-by pavilion from the Rotary Club in the late 1990’s.  As the City made Investments in new amenities such as upgrades to the Original One-Mile Trail and  ADA accessible restrooms near the Rotary Pavilion and Playground in 2019, the play structure broke down and was rated unsafe for use. Currently, no play structures exist in this area of Purcell City Lake.

Our Replacement Plan

After years of wear and tear, the play structure is no longer safe and has reached the end of its useful life. The Purcell Parks & Recreation Department and Board have a replacement plan. This new structure meets the accessibility, recreational needs, and capabilities of the children who visit Purcell City Lake. We are asking for your support to make this happen quickly and efficiently. We are working to partially fund this project through the Land and Water conservation Fund Grant provided by the National Parks Service and administered by the Oklahoma Department of Tourism. The grant, if awarded, will cover 50% of the cost of the new ADA play structure and help us build it back better.

rotary play structure dismantled as of 9-2020

Project Goals

  1. Replace the main play structure with equal to or exceeding the current play structure.
  2. Create a play space the is welcoming and accessible to children of all abilities.
  3. Add features to the play space that include benches, age-appropriate apparatus, swings, etc.
  4. Improve landscaping and incorporate shade structures where needed.
  5. Upgrade Rotary Pavillion located near the play space.
  6. Add a new grill area, a safe distance from the play space.
  7. Add ADA accessible picnic table.

A conceptual drawing of a possible replacement for the Rotary play structure

A conceptual drawing of a possible replacement for the Rotary play structure.

An example image of a hip rectangle pavilion to replace the current Rotary Pavilion.

A conceptual drawing of a possible replacement for the Rotary pavilion.

Rotary Playground Replacement Project Public Hearing and Update

Thursday, September 9th, 2021 at 6:00pm
Purcell Multipurpose Center - Small Banquet Room
1400 Chandler Road
Purcell, OK 73080
Follow this link to the Public Hearing & Update Facebook event!

How You Can Help

Get involved by showing your support for this project.

  1. Submit a  letter of support for this project. Handwritten and mailed or emailed is excellent. We also have a link below to submit a letter to us online. 
  2. Encourage your children to submit letters and draw how they would play on the new structures. We would love to see what the children can dream up. 
  3. Donations from area businesses and families are welcome. They demonstrate community support. No gift is too small. Community investment in these types of projects help to increase the quality of the end product.

Letters and drawings are submitted with our Land and Water Conservation Fund Grant application to show the Oklahoma Tourism Board that we are willing to put our full support behind the project.  Donations show that we are willing to help fund the project.  Every little bit counts!

Download a signature sheet and collect signatures of support!

Letters, drawings, and donations can be dropped off at the Purcell Multipurpose Center or at City Hall.  You can also mail them to:

City of Purcell Parks & Recreation
Rotary Playground Replacement Project
230 W. Main
Purcell, OK  

  1. Parks & Recreation

    Mailing Address
    230 W. Main St.
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    Phone: (405) 527-7227

  2. John Blue

    Parks and Recreation Director
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