Rotary Playground Replacement Project

Backstoryrotary play structure surrounded by barricade fencing

Rotary Playground was constructed at Purcell City Lake by the Purcell Rotary Club around 1987.  For years, kids in our community have been enjoying this play structure.  The City of Purcell inherited the play structure from the Rotary Club in the late 1990’s and has been developing Purcell City Lake and the surrounding area to make a great retreat that is close to home.  With the upgrades to the Lake Trail and the addition of the new restrooms, the playground is the next logical step.

Our Replacement Plan

After years of wear and tear, the play structure has reached the end of its life and needs to be replaced.  The Purcell Parks & Recreation Department is working to get the replacement done as quickly and efficiently as possible.  One of the ways that we are working to fund this project is through the Land and Water Conservation Fund Grant provided by the Oklahoma Department of Tourism.  The grant would cover 50% of the cost of the new play structure and help us construct something bigger and better than we had before.  Play structures are not cheap and require a lot of funding to see them built.  Community support cannot be understated. 

rotary play structure dismantled as of 9-2020

Project Goals

  1. Replace the main play structure with something equal to, or exceeding, the current play structure.
  2. To add other features to the play ground (benches, small toys, swings, etc.).
  3. To improve the landscaping and shade surrounding the playground with shade structures and trees.
  4. To repair and upgrade the pavilion located near the play ground.

A conceptual drawing of a possible replacement for the Rotary play structure

A conceptual drawing of a possible replacement for the Rotary play structure.

What Do We Need?

There are many things that you can do to help us complete this project:

  1. Submit a letter showing your support for the project.  Hand written or emailed is great, or follow the link below to submit a letter online!
  2. Have our kids send in letters and drawings of how they would play on the new structure!  We would love to see what the kids can dream up!  Parents and teachers can be an enormous help with this contribution!
  3. Donations to pay for the cost of the play structure and amenities.  Community investment in these kinds of projects helps to increase the quality of the end product.

Letters and drawings are submitted with our Land and Water Conservation Fund Grant application to show the Oklahoma Tourism Board that we are willing to put our full support behind the project.  Donations show that we are willing to help fund the project.  Every little bit counts!

Follow this link to submit a letter of support online!

Download a signature sheet and collect signatures of support!

Letters, drawings, and donations can be dropped off at the Purcell Multipurpose Center or at City Hall.  You can also mail them to:

City of Purcell Parks & Recreation

Rotary Playground Replacement Project

230 W. Main

Purcell, OK  


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