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Posted on: November 17, 2020

Purcell Mayor Issues Statement on Corona Virus and Mask Usage

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November 16, 2020


Public Statement by Purcell Mayor James T. “Ted” Cox


Regarding Coronavirus Pandemic, COVID-19

November 16, 2020



It is readily apparent that COVID-19 cases are on the increase in our community, state, and nation. While much of this is beyond our control as individuals, it is not beyond our control as a collection of individuals. 


Wearing of masks has shown to slow the rate of infection. So, please wear a mask when social distancing is not feasible, if indoors regardless of social distancing. MOST IMPORTANTLY, STAY HOME IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING SYMPTOMS. This is true even if you have not tested.


I know that masks are uncomfortable, and some do not want to be seen as conforming to the government. I understand that.  But, if we do not do something, we may find our community shut down by state or federal order because the pandemic overloads all our systems whether we like it or not.  Hospitals not able to take patients due to overloads is already a reality in the metro areas of our state.  Schools are struggling to find ways to have in classroom attendance.


Please stay safe and know you are helping others when you are wearing a mask. Wear it properly, covering both your nose and mouth. Clean it often to protect yourself and your family.  Do this even when you feel healthy because you could be a carrier without knowing it.  Keep your distances and wash your hands and all contact surfaces.  Doing this could save someone from a difficult illness and maybe a life of a loved one.  Because every victim of this virus is somebody’s loved one.

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